In the last few years, I haven’t read many books twice. When I was younger, I reread some books many times. I sometimes read many books at once, so I could read a few new ones and a few already read ones at the same time. My record was seven books at once. 

Then I had kids and reading became a much-needed fix from an addiction I couldn’t kick but still suffered from. 

Now, with ebooks, new books are so easily available I don’t have the excuse of having nothing to read to go through my books and see which one I’d read again.

Then Another Rock Star by Paula Coots came along. I became so invested in this book I slacked off work and read well into the night to finish it. It compelled me. I dreamed about it when I slept. I thought about it the minute I woke up. Then, when I finished it, I grieved a few hours and started it over again. 

I haven’t done that in years. And I know I’ll read it again.  


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