Remembering Etil

Her picture came up in someone’s post on Facebook and I burst out crying.

It’s been a little more than a year she’s gone, and seeing her picture show up unannounced still does this to me. And I hate talking about her in the past tense, and since she’s still with me anyway just like she told me, I choose to talk about her in the present tense.

She’s my friend, my BFF, the best in my whole life. She’s the one that understands me the most and that believes in me that much (apart from my husband).

I miss talking to her but I can still hear her. And she’s so beautiful, looking at her picture is soothing, just like looking at a picture of a sunset in Africa, or a sleeping baby. 

I once told her that she could have been one of those people in Ancient times that wrote their observations somewhere and started psychology as a science, unbeknownst to them. She’s so smart.

So yeah, I miss her. Terribly. 

I’m sure she’s yukking it up with my dad up there. I told her to look for him, I’m sure they get along.


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