My favourite movies

We all have favourite movies. Either because we think they were superbly made, or they made us feel good, or they include our favourite actors. I watched lots and lots of movies with my dad. When he wasn’t reading, he was watching something. And this was before the days of remote controls but he did have control over what we watched because he was the dad. And I was too lazy to get up and go change the channel.

Singing in the Rain

singingintherainWeirdly enough, it’s not the dancing that won me over in this movie, although it is spectacular. It was the character named Lina Lamont, played by Jean Hagen. Ms. Hagen took on a nasal, high-pitched voice for this annoying character who’s a silent movie actress who doesn’t transition well in talkies – because of her voice. Lina is the character you love to laugh at. You can’t even hate her she’s so pathetically void of talent, which I think speaks volumes for Ms. Hagen’s talent to play someone like that. Plus Jean Hagen was so beautiful and still managed to look ridiculous in this role. Gotta admire that.

That said, the movie is full of good music, great laughs and as mentioned above spectacular dancing by Mr. Gene Kelly but also by Mr. Donald O’Connor, who does the walking up a wall and flipping back thing I admired so much when I first saw it. I must have been around 10. Then my dad taped it and I rewound and rewound that scene just to watch Donald flip over backwards after running up a wall. Ahhh…. good times.

Princess Bride

princessbrideIt’s not a kissing movie. And it’s from a book that isn’t a kissing book by William Goldman. It’s got a hot guy, a beautiful girl, a sexy Spanish dude and a giant, with a fantastic sword fight scene and a happy ending that defies death. I first saw the movie and crushed on Cary Elwes, then read the book. Then bought the movie a few years ago.

It makes me feel good every time I watch it. And I still laugh at the funny scenes. And I still think Cary Elwes is hot in this movie. There are so many tag lines that are still popular like “As you wish”, “Inconceivable”, “the R O U S’s (rodents of unusual size)” and of course, the ever popular “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die” which makes me wonder how come it tanked when it first came out in theaters, but became a cult classic when it was released in video years later.

Les Visiteurs

visiteursA French gut-hurting hilarious movie with the incomparable Jean Reno. A knight and his dimwit servant from medieval times are shot 1,000 years in the future by a senile wizard who made a mistake in a potion. It’s become a family classic when our son who was about four at the time wanted to watch it because of the image on the dvd box. We told him it wasn’t for four-year-olds but my son is very, very insistent so we gave up and let him watch it, thinking he’d hate it because there was a lot of talking with French accents. He must have watched it over 150 times by the time he was 5, no kidding, with or without us. He even quoted the lines, some funny ones and some not quite proper for a four-year-old… like “Je vous demande pas si votre père pue du cul” (I’m not asking if your dad stinks from the ass”). But he was so cute saying it, imitating the accent to perfection…

And Jean Reno wears a cape. That flows in the wind. Especially when he rides his horse. It’s a perk.

starwarsposterThis poster was hanging in my father’s den for years.

What can I say? It’s got a very cute good guy, a bad-ass cape-wearing bad guy with a respiratory problem that scared the shit out of me when I was 8, a very hot bad boy hero and funny robots. And a princess. And a very tall hairy sidekick. And intergalactic battles. And spaceships that kick ass. And cutie little Jawas who sell crap.  And a car that floats. And light sabers that make swish sounds. And a kick-ass sword fight scene with said light sabers.

It was the first movie with so many special effects that it blew everyone’s mind, including my own.

This one makes me feel good, has actors that became my favourites, is superbly made, has a great story, it’s got it all. And I saw it with my dad.

And it’s got the cape.


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