My five favourite books of all time

1. Another Rock Star, by Paula Coots. I know I wrote about it on this blog before, but I really, really love it.

2. The Crystal Cave series, by Mary Stewart (1970’s). I don’t know how many times I read those four books. It’s what got me addicted to Medieval stuff – I still own a wool cloak, a couple of fluffy blouses and got married in a fair maiden dress, with bustier and everything. It’s the Legend of King Arthur told through Merlin’s narrative. It’s spectacular.

3. A Prayer for Owen Meany, by John Irving. Again, read it many times but must admit to skipping the religious, somewhat preaching narrative, every single time. It’s okay, though, the book is a huge brick. I loved the story SO MUCH. (You have to read the book to get why I put those words in capital letters…) If anyone asks in the comments, I’ll tell you why.

4. Triggerfish Twist, by Tim Dorsey. Again, before electronic books were cheap, I read my favourites over and over. This one is my favourite of the Tim Dorsey Serge A. Storms books.  That Serge, man, what a wild and crazy serial killer…

5. Blooksucking Fiends, by Christopher Moore. A truly lovely and funny vampire love story. Really. All his books are great, but this one I read many times too.

Actually, Another Rock Star is the only e-book I read twice in a row. But back in the days of small budget and paperbacks, I read my favourite books often through the years. It’s always fun to pick up an old fave and get reacquainted with friends you haven’t seen – or read – in a while…


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