I have another blog in which I review cheap books I find on I read all sorts of romances in different genres, whatever is cheap really, and looks like a good read. Short stories are more popular in the free range, as amazon publishing encourages writers to charge for their books based on the length. If I’m publishing my book that I worked really hard on for a couple of years and it’s 350 pages and amazon tells me I should charge $5 for it, I might have difficulty in giving it away for free. But I digress.

I stopped mentioning that the books I’ve been reading lately are in the gay and lesbian genre. I decided that it shouldn’t matter whether it’s two boys or two girls or a boy and a girl. A romance is a romance, right?

And I can get away with it because I’m writing my reviews in English! In French, I would have to specify the gender of the characters, like the she-doctor or the she-author, or the he-mechanic or the he-whatever. The spelling is different in French depending on the gender and it would give it away! HAHAHA! I love the English language for its generality in sexes. It’s gender-neutral. It’s a gay activist language! Wow! to discover this has made my day.


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