Love’s Landscapes – Don’t Read in the Closet 2014

Worth a free membership!


Today marks the start of the now-annual free M/M story event from the Goodreads M/M Romance Group. In theirLove’s Landscapes Stories folder every day through June, July, August and into September, there will be new stories posted in response to picture prompts. The length varies from 2000 to over 80,000 words, the content from humor to erotica to sweet romance to sci fi, mystery and more. Look at the story tags in the first box “Story Info” for content, genre and warnings. And enjoy!

Today our three first stories include
* Carte Blanche, a lovely contemporary about pushing one’s limitations from Nash Summers
* Broken Phoenix, a funny, sweet and quirky fantasy by the amazing Edmond Manning of “King Perry” fame,
* Villains, a sci-fi/fantasy adventure from Andrea Speed, whose “Infected” shifter series is one of my favorites.

Most stories will be downloadable on the…

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