F*@%k F*@%k F*@%k

Pfff…. Another medication in the toilet.

Biphentin not only gives me painful acne but joint pain. And here I thought it was old age…

I’m only taking a small dosage to gradually increase to a dosage that would work and I’ll have to give it up, like the other ones.

I am so sick of this ADHD thing you have no idea.

Was it better not knowing? I wonder… I didn’t know I had it, thus lived my life thinking I was incompetent and a scatterbrain but now I know why I’m incompetent and a scatterbrain and I can’t do a bloody thing about it!



4 thoughts on “F*@%k F*@%k F*@%k”

  1. It’s still definitely better to know, in my opinion. You ARE doing something about it. Trialling medications is incredibly tough and often demotivating. I was lucky in that I found a medication with reasonable efficacy quite quickly.

    Stay the course though. It’s shitty right now but you have to ignore the ‘feeling’ that things aren’t working out with medication and follow the logic. We’ve got a disease that screws our feelings up sometimes, so ignoring the self-destructive ones is hugely important.

    Hope the next one works and if not, there’ll be more.

    All the best,

    1. Thanks for that. You’re totally right, we do lose perspective in this situation. I just really wish they could find one that a) works for me and b) without painful side effects!

      Love your i.d. by the way – took me a few seconds to figure it out!


      1. Hah, thanks 🙂

        I totally get where you’re coming from with your post, and my reply wasn’t an attempt at invalidation. I just know when I’ve been in the dark place a reminder now and then has kept me on the right path.

        All the best,

      2. Oh! I didn’t feel invalidated at all.. just the opposite. I felt like there was a kindred spirit there – albeit with a really weird i.d. that looked like it came from an elbow dragged on a keyboard until I took the time to decipher each letter… Thanks for writing. Really. xx

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