Wow… some people…

I just finished a good book. I really enjoyed it. It’s not Dickens nor does it pretend to be. I left a good review on and a good rating on goodreads.

I saw one woman left a one-star review on goodreads and was curious to see why she did, especially because it started with her recommending it to NO ONE.

What a bitch. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion. What I like may not be for someone else.

But this woman? She took the space left for reviews to rant about how disappointed she is in men in general and her husband in particular (poor bastard) and how disgusted she is with people who have fun with sex in general.

Her review had pretty much nothing to do with the story, the writing, the shape of developments or anything. It was not what she was expecting, obviously, but why bash an author’s work this way? She felt misled by the story. So what? Just say that: you feel misled, it was not what you were expecting. Not go on and on about men being pigs and all wanting the same thing: good sex.

Seriously? Who doesn’t want good sex? Do YOU know anyone who thrives for mediocre sex? This frustrated bigoted person took the opportunity to rant about her unsatisfied life on a book review website. How sad. Seriously. I’m thinking I’ll complain to goodreads for the offensive language in her review and see what they say about it.

I wrote a five-star review just to even it out. 🙂


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