Okay, so here’s 2014…

and what shall I do with it. I already wrote about 2013 here. So now, what will I do with 2014?

A blank sheet of 352 opportunities to do things. A galaxy of possibilities to stay with the Force or join the Dark Side. A white canvas with a paint-by-numbers of 352 different colours.

I don’t know what I’ll do with it. I don’t do resolutions. I don’t understand them. I never have. How can you possibly tell what you want to do in the next year? And why only that year in particular? The most famous “I wanna stop smoking this year”. Bullshit. That never works. Why not last year? Or the day before? Does that mean you’ll start smoking again in a year from now?

So: no resolutions. What do I wish to have accomplished by December 31st, 2014? Ahhhh now that I can answer.

I hope to have published my first book (that is yet to be written) on amazon. I hope to have made enough money to pay back some debt with my English conversation classes and supplement this with some translating.

But I mostly hope to still have my husband by that date. And that my kids are still healthy and growing strong and wise like they’re doing now.

And I hope to be in better shape and understand my ADD more, so I can accomplish the above. 🙂


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