Uh oh

All of a sudden, what I wrote so far – 10 chapters – is pure crap.

Last week I thought it was good (not excellent) but now I read it and I’m thinking ‘who’s gonna read this crap’.

Apparently this happens to many writers. Since I’m not an experienced writer, it was bound to happen to me, right?

I’m tempted to throw the whole thing in the bin.

I won’t. But just thinking about it makes me feel better.

It’s like when you want to throttle your kid. You don’t, obviously, but you feel better just thinking about it.

I think they call it fantasizing.


6 thoughts on “Uh oh”

  1. It may be utter crap that no one in this universe may want to read, but…at least you got something to work with. Writing is rewriting and there is where the magic happens (or so what I have learned). Recently, I went over an alternate chapter I started the other day. I was, “I wrote this crap?” It sounded so good in my head at the time. I did a little rewrite, scratched out a few lines and moved some sentences around. It still needs a serious overhaul. Then I got to thinking, the first draft is usually where you get the ideas down first. It needs not be perfect. That comes later when you retool the damned thing and eventually polish it.

    1. Yes! That’s what Chuck Wendig says on his blog: write it and get it out on paper (or screen, now) and finish it (very important) and then: rewrite it and rewrite it as often as you want. So I’ll keep it, but there’s major rewriting in my future. I’m wishing myself luck and good luck to you too!

  2. It’s happened to me plenty of times. At that point, it’s good to step away from the manuscript for a few days and turn to something else – anything else, really. That should help provide a fresh perspective as you read through it again. Best of luck!

  3. Don’t give up! I usually just accept that the first draft of anything I write is utter crap, but it’s amazing to just get the thoughts out of my head and onto the page. And if you hate it, set it aside for awhile. Fresh eyes and brain can help when you edit. Ha! I’m pretty sure there’s not a writer out there that’s never said “what am I doing? This is horrible. I’m horrible OH GOD.”

    1. I’ll try it that way. I haven’t written or re-read my book my book in a few days: I’ll try it this weekend. Thanks for the advice and encouragement! I appreciate knowing I’m not alone.

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